ARK: Survival Evolved — Update 248. Encounter procedurally generated maps

Today, October 21, will be updating 248 MMO ARK: Survival Evolved. You can now use your weapons while riding on some dinosaurs. Added new feature — the procedural generation of the map ARK.

Introduced new mechanics — notes pioneers. In the game there are new creatures — Caprosu, Diplocaulus and Helicoptery. Optimized batch rendering (about 20% improved performance in areas with a high density of buildings).

The platforms on the tree health increased by 70% and 50% resistance to explosive damage. You can now neutered or spayed domesticated dinosaurs (caution, this is an irreversible process).

In spectator mode you can now see movement of lips speaking players, and also to hear voice chat at a certain distance. Boxes with loot in caves and under water no more destroyed over time, and now they can not put items, and they can’t be used to open a portal to the bosses.

Fixed collisions of players with ragdoll big dinosaurs. The font size of the radial menu now depends on the number of points.


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