ARK: Survival Evolved — Update 245. The game got an official mod Primitive+

Today, July 28, will be updating 245 MMO ARK: Survival Evolved. Map The Center has received significant changes — new biomes, new Islands, new caves, new habitats of creatures, etc.

Now available a new official global mod — Primitive+ (optimized, finalized and issued as a free Supplement). Added new creatures – Pelagonia and Allosaurus.

Introduced fishing rods and fishing system. New construction — bridges with variable length, a large hatch for dinosaur, industrial crusher and spiral staircase. Are available to new mechanics:

— The third phase of breeding creatures are random mutations, and family tree.
— Notes researchers.
Optional display of blows to attack at a distance.

Attached the logs of the tribe, which contains information about the damage/destruction of buildings. Protection mode from offline raids now disables the lock on the PIN (buildings in the caves, this protection no longer applies).


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