ARK: Survival Evolved — Update 243. Beware Of Titanosaurs

Today, June 23, MMO ARK: Survival Evolved update 243. Added new creature, Titanosaurus. Introduced new objects – a mask and cupcakes for herbivores.

New construction — metal bolas, a collapsible rope ladder, tap to collect the SAP, wood and metal platform for trees.

Now available a new mechanic: custom notification signal traps stretch marks through the official website (e-mail and forum). So now you’ll know when someone reedit your base.

Expanded snow biome and new sequiny forest. Once optimized the game client and not only. Added option in game settings to mute the sounds of the equipment.

Now a magnifying glass when examining the creatures represents a setting in a stun. Safes can no longer be dropped on the saddle platform. 30% reduced damage from the tamed Pteranodon.

There is a new option in the server settings: «?PreventTribeAlliances=true» to prevent alliances between tribes. Full list of changes and updates to 243 ARK: Survival Evolved can be found in the second announcement.


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