ARK: Survival Evolved — the Winter holidays is around the corner

Developers Studio Wildcard decided not to stand by and made for fans of the survival-project ARK: Survival Evolved its thematic event dedicated to the upcoming winter holidays. The event was called “Winter Wonderland 2018” and will run from 19 December to 7 January.

In this period of time across the sky in his sleigh will be flying the Raptor Claus and drop generous gifts intended for users, who can survive in harsh conditions. However, it is not the only one who can award to players. On location moves, players take on the role of Klaus, the giant which can convert coal and mistletoe, is derived from gifts, on a variety of items, such as weapons, armor, home decorations or special treats.

Together with the start of the event, the developers will also release many fixes that affect various gameplay elements.


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