ARK: Survival Evolved — The price of the game has grown

Soon enough, survival ARK: Survival Evolved will exit the Early Access state and receive a long-awaited release. On the eighth of August, players will be able to evaluate the product, which, according to Wildcard Studios, may be called a finished game, at the same time the price of the game should have increased to standard $ 60 worldwide. True, the developers decided not to wait for this date and raised the price of the ARK today.

The price of the game on Steam has grown and become similar to that which users of the consoles saw when the project appeared on their platform. The price increase has also affected our region — now you can purchase ARK for 1050 rubles.

And what do you think about the similar pricing of Wildcard Studio? Did you manage to buy the game for the previous price and do you think the price increase is justified?

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