ARK: Survival Evolved — the addition ARK: Scorched Earth

Studio Wildcard introduced the first expansion for the MMO sandbox ARK: Survival Evolved, called ARK: Scorched Earth.

Supplement, which was developed more than 14 months, will introduce a brand new map — Scorched Earth that is very different from the first original map of The Island. The new area will meet us in the heat and absolutely devastated landscapes the deserted world. The survivors must find water, hunt for food, to explore new flora and fauna, create new objects — all in order to escape from the unbearable temperature.

Map of the Scorched Earth were created from scratch, and will offer players new biomes: dune, desert, mountains, canyons, desolate lands, oases, and even the dragon’s cave. All biomes have unique ecosystem, appearance, and resources, and will present many ruins and intricate cave systems. In desert biomes inhabited by new, previously unknown creatures, many of which you will be able to tame.

Lead caravans of Moreletapark similar to camels, or will send a fire on your enemies with Wyvern. And be careful in the desert, you can wait for the giant Desert worm! You will find a new resource system, which changed a lot… Water, which was everywhere now one of the most important and valuable resources. And some of the obelisks you will find a new unbeatable monster — the Manticore.

Also, a new system is The Gateway that will allow you to transfer a character between different cards.

Addition Scorched Earth is now available on Steam Early Access and Xbox One Game Preview, you need to have a copy of the ARK: Survival Evolved to play.


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