ARK: Survival Evolved — TEK Tier update will make the game more futuristic

The developers reported that in the near future, an MMO ARK: Survival Evolved will be available update TEK Tier. You will be able to create futuristic armor and weapons, use content powerful skills and devices, equip your dinosaur with laser guns, etc.

In addition, it is assumed that on November 23 patch 251 will be released. And we should expect the following changes:

— ARK: Turkey Trial 2. New tests and skins, as well as the resulting emotions.
— New creatures: Megalozavr, Akhatina, Pachirinozavr and Moskhops.
— New mechanics: the third phase of breeding creatures (random mutations and family tree).
— New caves on the map of The Island.
— 2 new mythical notes for each character.
— 20% increase in server performance.
Command groups using whistles.


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