ARK: Survival Evolved — Patch 258. Toilets and motor boats are waiting for you

Today, may 30, MMO ARK: combat Evolved will receive a patch 258. Added harpoon gun, so it’s time for spearfishing. Introduced such new creatures as Hyaenodon, Hesperornis, Maigatari, Megalania and Tyrannus.

Became accessible to motor boats, so now you can ride with the breeze on the water surface. Attached toilets (your character will finally be able to sit quietly and think about the meaning of life “wooden throne”).

Introduced two new styles of hairstyles. A lot of effort into optimization. Increased productivity through better use of multithreading GPU and CPU (optimized the size of the textures and models, and also decreased the amount of memory used).

Fixed all kinds of errors. A large set of achievements. Just unlock achievements and get hairstyles, emotions, skins and not only.

And just below you will find a trailer that perfectly demonstrates all the innovations.

YouTube (short)

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