ARK: Survival Evolved — Patch 257. A cloning camera appeared in the game.

MMO ARK: Survival Evolved received patch 257. Added new creatures — giant bee, Deodon, Lioplevrodon and Kentrozavr. Became available TEK-cave and volcano.

A TEK-cloning chamber, TEK-saddle, TEK-grenade and TEK-turret are introduced. There are more than twenty new pioneers notes. Now you can enjoy fifteen new music tracks (they are played during various events and in various biomes).

Finally, full support for gamepad control has been introduced. Added new hairstyle and new mustache. There was a big update of the map of The Center (for example, added a dragon arena and changed the loot, falling from some bosses). The engram tree was completely reworked (experience points were dropped and the character level dropped to 100). Introduced a new emotion.

Fixed all sorts of bugs.

A complete list of patch changes for ARK: Survival Evolved 257 can be explored in the the news.

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