ARK: Survival Evolved — Patch 255. It is time to defend the base with force fields

Out patches 255 and 255.1 MMO ARK: Survival Evolved. Added new creatures, the electric eel, the Microraptor, the Ammonite, and Marsupial lion. Have the opportunity to build a force field for your database.

Introduced a new kind of TEK-buildings (doors and not only).

Become available new variations of hairstyles. Added thirty new notes pioneers. C4 is now much better suited for destroying buildings than the grenade launcher.

There was a setup server, which will be able to set a limit on tamed NPCs for each tribe.

Rocket launchers now, slowly break down during the shooting, and if the durability drops below 5%, then they will cease to shoot. Imposed various restrictions on the characteristics of items on official servers.

Flying creatures carrying C4, now moving with a certain low speed. Entered configuring servers for automatic removal of abandoned dinosaur during boot. Once added optimization changes for your network.

Fixed some bugs.

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