ARK: Survival Evolved — New changes in the upcoming patch

In the next patch for the multiplayer survival-project ARK: Survival Evolved the developers have prepared for the players a lot of innovations. The update will add the parasaurolophus interesting features, including a new signal roar. With it, users will be able to learn about the impending danger, and also get rid of small ichthyornis and pagemasters.

In addition, the parasaurolophus will be able to work as a alarm, indicating that your property has been infiltrated by outsiders. To all these advantages, your pet will receive increased capacity and the ability to attack on the run.

In addition, from 16 to 22 March in the game will be celebrating St. Patrick’s day, during which players will receive unique and memorable gifts. Was also recently removed the Legacy servers with low population, so that in their place others will come, selected for popularity and frequency of use.

The update is preparing to leave next week, and the console will appear in the middle of April. The exact date the developers will announce later.

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