ARK: Survival Evolved may enter the Switch

Jesse Razak (Jesse Rapczak), co-founder and creative Director of Studio wild, gave an interview to, in which he shared his thoughts about Nintendo Switch. He said that the mobility console is its huge plus for games like ARK: Survival Evolved. Gamers don’t even have to play for hours in portable mode, fighting monsters or players, exploring the world.

Razak believes that there are players who would like to go into the ARK somewhere in the path or outside the home, to harvest, to engage in crafting or just to look at their dinosaurs. To create an opportunity for the players to spend more time in their favorite game — the goal of the Studio, so the developers would like to release your project even on a Switch.

However, at the moment no plans Jesse Razak shares can not. In the Studio I love the console itself, have contacts with Nintendo, but with the creation of the port have problem. According to Razeka, it’s a completely different platform that is very different from the rest, and build her that much harder. The biggest problem is memory.

What Jesse knows for sure, is that Wildcard to ignore the Switch will not.

In the same interview, Razak said that already sold 12 million copies of ARK for PC, Xbox One and PS4. A full release of the game took place at the end of August 2017.

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