ARK: Survival Evolved — holders of the consoles can begin the conquest of the underwater world

In early April, survival-project ARK: Survival Evolved got a major update, which was devoted to underwater themes. Owners of the PC version of the game were able to explore the depths of the sea, and now joined them and the holders of the consoles.

This huge new patch (v 256) brings new content, including a sealed, underwater base and breeding of underwater creatures, TEK-wireless teleporters and generators, as well as four powerful beings. Also today, players will be able to see the first major redesign of the project menu. The inventory interface also received a complete processing of the visual component, and their functions.

Build your own underwater research base on the ocean floor and not worry about the enemies. Equip your mosasaurs technological armor and weapons with laser beams and conquer the depths of the sea. If you prefer a more “earthly” terms, this patch will not let you get bored on land.

Build a teleporter exit, and tame the magnificent animals catch aggressive fish, then fry them on fire. This update will not leave you indifferent.

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