ARK: Survival Evolved: Codes

To call the cheat console, press the «Tab» key. Then enter the following codes and press «Enter».

List of codes:
God — activate the regime of God
Fly — activate flight mode
Walk — turn off flight mode
Ghost — Ghost mode (walking through objects and walls)
ToggleInfiniteAmmo — ammo never ends
giveengrams — unlock all crafting recipes
Teleport — teleportation
addexperience 1000 1 1 — add 1000 experience points (choose the value yourself)
setcheatplayer true — enable menu
setcheatplayer false — turn off the menu
giveresources — add 50 resources for each
settimeofday — set the time you need (example: settimeofday 11:00)

Commands for the server.
Run the server.exe program with the following command line parameters:

ServerPVE — turn off PVP game mode (player versus player)
ServerHardcore — after death resets character level to 1
ServerCrosshair — turn on the sight
ServerForceNoHUD — turn off mutable names
NoTributeDownloads — turn off external downloads
AllowThirdPersonPlayer — activate third-party mode
AlwaysNotifyPlayerLeft — display an alert when someone leaves
DontAlwaysNotifyPlayerJoined — turn off alert when someone joins
MapPlayerLocation — show location on map
DifficultyOffset = [0 or 1] — change the difficulty (the number «0» is the default)
AltSave [directory name] — save data to an additional directory
GlobalVoiceChat — enable shared voice chat
ProximityChat — chat is displayed only for nearby people.

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