ARK: Survival Evolved celebrates Birthday

One of the oddities of games, delayed in early access and other forms of “unofficial release” kind of MBT with the length of several years, is that they may celebrate a few birthdays and Anniversaries. It is this event celebrates ARK: Survival Evolved, because this week marks exactly three years since the advent of the project in an early vacation.  

Recall that the actual launch of the game happened in August 2017, but that does not stop fans of the ARK: Survival Evolved and the team to celebrate such a momentous date. The birthday of the Studio said about the last year of development, and have focused on upgrading Aberration, which was very positively received by the community. Do not forget the team and the mobile version of the ARK Park and PixARK.

In addition, it was recently announced TLC 2 with new abilities and fresh perspective on Parasara, Sarko, Spino, tricks was, Argentavis and Raptors.

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