Ark: Survival Evolved — Available cross-platform game using Windows Play Anywhere

While the Sony bosses insist that the idea of cross-platform games are horrible and dangerous for users, Microsoft decided long ago to go the other way, gradually bringing players on PC and Xbox One. New game who will have the opportunity cross-platform game has become a survival Ark: Survival Evolved, which today is available in the Windows 10 Store and supports Play Anywhere. Thanks to this feature, you can play quietly with the owners of the console version from your computer, and also easily switch between the game on PC and Xbox One, if you have both platforms without paying extra money.

Of course, the big question remains the unification of the database of players with the Steam users, but there is likely a fault of the technical features of the Steam version than malice Microsoft — likely Ark uses Steamworks functionality for the organization of multiplayer.

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