ARK: Survival Evolved — Announced Third Expansion

Developers from Studio Wildcard announced that the third expansion for the survival project ARK: Survival Evolved, dubbed “Extinction,” will be released later this year. The story ends in the same place where it began — on Earth. A ravaged planet inhabited by many fantastic creatures, both organic and technological, conceals not only the riddles of the past, but also information that can help save it.


Users, as heroes who have gone through all previous difficulties, will have to take this heavy burden on their shoulders, fight the huge Titans who dominate this world, and try to save the Earth. In addition, during the months preceding the release of the add-on, the developers will introduce new dinosaurs into the game, as well as allow users to discover new looks related to the upcoming novelty.

The release of “Extinction” will take place this fall — November 6th. Are you ready for “extinction”?

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