Ark: combat Evolved, the first major update for the Xbox One and PS4

Studio Wildcard released a massive update for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the Ark: Survival Evolved. Patch v749 brought to console all contained at this point in v253 — PC-game. Now players are waiting for 2 new huge deep cave with some interesting artifacts, a camera and a few new dinosaurs:

  • New Dinosaur: Cnidaria
  • New Dinosaur: Troodon
  • New Dinosaur: Tusoteuthis
  • New Dinosaur: Pegomastax
  • New Dinosaur: Therizinosaurus

Delayed until January v254 update for the PC version of Ark: Survival Evolved, which will be added Tek Tier — subjects of the new grade, will be released on the 20th. When a new grade comes on the console is not clear. Recall that at the moment the game is still in early access, full release scheduled for spring 2017.

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