ARK: combat Evolved is available on PS4

People from some regions have already gained access to the MMO ARK: Survival Evolved via the PlayStation Store. But don’t worry if you can’t find the game at the moment in the store, as the release of the PS4 version of the draft will be held today, December 6 (we are talking about a kind of early access). Players from Russia will be able to purchase ARK at the following prices:

— ARK: Survival Evolved — Founder»s Edition 2199 rubles.
— ARK: Scorched Earth – 1399 rubles.
— ARK: Survival Evolved — a Survivor»s Pack – 3599 rubles. Includes the basic version of the game, the addition of Scorched Earth, skin Bionic Giganotosaurus and Manticore armor set.

So very soon all the owners of the PS4 console will also be able to hunt dangerous creatures, gather resources, craft items, grow crops, explore the technology, to build shelters, to tame dinosaurs, etc.

Full release ARK: Survival Evolved is expected in spring 2017.

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