Adaptation of Monster Hunter in the photo looks like a film based on Call of Duty

Milla Jovovich posted a photo from the shooting of the movie Monster Hunter. As in the previous pictures, the film is more like a movie version of Call of Duty or Battlefield. But it's all right.

The plot will revolve around the military unit of the UN, which is a portal to another dimension, where it should be monsters.


Director Paul Anderson said he had been familiar with a series of games for ten years and became her fan even before she was known in the West. He describes the film as the project of your dreams. And talks with Capcom, was started nine years ago.



The film will be a lot of heroes and monsters. Most will take from the last part of the series, the Monster Hunter World. But from previous games will also appear several.

New, made-up cast and crew, will not.


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