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The burning platform: PC

The creators of turn-based strategy Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics from the English Studio Auroch Digital promised to bring some "innovative gameplay possibilities" in the usual genre mechanics. And innovation really expect from a game "nastolki" which blended the Nazis and the mythology of Cthulhu.

But enough if this Lovecraftian raisins so we got really serious and cool turn-based strategy?

Boring. only happens in games

In Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics we really are fighting the Nazis who use magic and sometimes run nearly with the face of an octopus instead of a head (or, you can call it that mini-Cthulhu-face). And all because this only another version of the 2nd world war, the representatives of the Third Reich (specifically the order of the Black Sun) gained a significant advantage, as the snorting monsters and Elder Gods from mythology HP Lovecraft.

Confront them four resistance fighters from the group "Charlie". Some of them are also available to magic — for example, Colonel Akhi Singh (Akhee Singh) captured the magic once in the abandoned Church found a statue of the gods. A member of the French Resistance, Ariane Dubois, the whole game runs with some kind of small winged demon on the shoulder and periodically shoots a fat Shoggoths coming at you from all four sides in bold.

In General, a cheerful company.

You can not say about the story and its flow. More precisely, the supply is in principle no: no commercials on the engine, nor drawn backdrops — just short text instructions. And the latter is reduced to the fact that we then need to defeat the squad of Nazis or destroy some of the elite of officer of the order, to seize their resources or artifact, to find the lair of the Nazis, occultists, then clean up and to brush it and so on.

In principle, from step-by-step tactics no one expected a Hollywood script, but in the game, where is the Cthulhu Mythos, it would be possible to come up with something interesting. More or less jog the whole routine is that mission with the mythical monsters — for example, the one where we are whether in dreams, or in visions, either when awake fight with the same Chaghatai.Achtung!</p>
<p> Cthulhu Tactics game reviewSuch interesting situations from the point of view of the location and presence of different objects at the level I would like more.

And the only good XCOM in XCOM

The battle itself too often look monotonous, especially at first. All locations are based solely on the bellboy principle, there is only a small hallway and the same branch, allowing you to bypass enemies or find and read something, doing a side job. But it's certainly not the biggest problem.

All fights are at about the same scenario. Using action points (AP), occupied shelter, the burning of primary or secondary weapon, use special abilities or turn on the intercept course (Overwatch) and waiting on the next move down behind the tree the enemy will run right under our sight of all. However, aiming is not always.

Nothing like? Yes, the basic mechanics are taken from XCOM with some it pros and even with sores. But the main problem is that Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics not the same tactical freedom, saturation and tension as in the last editions XCOM.

No, for example, degradability, ability to use height, to climb on roofs, few weapons and enemies, the levels are small and linear.

Cthulhu will not help them

There are, of course, and good things. Fighters are also available to pump — each in addition to the General for all parameters there is a unique skills, and even branches of development, allowing you to specialize in a certain weapon (e.g., firing a shotgun directly at the square) or use magic. Before each mission we choose soldiers, weapons and additional items like medkits, grenades or adrenaline shot. "Trunks" are even allowed to equip additional modules like sights, butts and improved shops. Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics game reviewSoghati very, very slow and therefore practically harmless.But still in most missions all seems too easy — normal level of complexity here seems like very light, which is by definition wrong. Enemies constantly smeared and behave like idiots, for some reason, running around between shelters and substituting therefore under our Overwatch.

Facilitates the situation and the opportunity to use a system similar to what we saw in The Banner Saga, — killing enemies and dealing critical damage, men in Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics accumulate the energy, which can be spent on additional steps to continue to run, use skill, or without the cost of AP to shoot a gun. And it is a free pistol, becoming a formidable weapon, which no Cthulhu is not scary…

System "Anti-Stress"

In this situation, especially at work, and the psychological impact on our soldiers. When your beneficiaries in the eyes of the wounded or killed comrades, almost all begin to experience stress. When the fighter gets badly injured, he might panic and start shooting all in a row or just in the air. The enemies are also trying harmful impact on the brains of our children — put them on "death mark", "castout" bad aura that reduces the amount of AP, and so on.Achtung!</p>
<p> Cthulhu Tactics game reviewAdditional awards, modules for weapons and useful items you can get for completing side missions, which we choose on the map.But, I repeat, the game is quite monotonous on the mechanics, the rules of survival unlearn here at times, so all these panic attacks and moral humiliation are rare and if happen, only nibble a group, but don't rip it right to shreds. Among the enemies are melee fighters, and enemies with unique pulse weapons, which just doesn't hurt, and badly affects the brains of our heroes. Now, on normal difficulty for the first eight story missions I never got any damage from those, nor from others — they stupidly rod right through and quickly shot from all the guns before establishing, so to speak, close contact.

Well, miss…

All the harmful effects last for a course or two, and the fallen colleagues of any comrade can pick up and return to duty. If this is not done within a few moves, the fighter is captured. And before you start the next story mission, you first have to release him.

It would seem, here it — the intrigue, the complexity, the challenge… But help emit a very strong interim fighter.

Of course, on the Hard level there are more tensions, but there, and "normal" really have to step it up only in the later and final missions. And I would like to have the game throw you the glove tactical challenge from the beginning.Achtung!</p>
<p> Cthulhu Tactics game reviewSome weapon skills are very effective.***Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics — not the most bad turn-based tactics. She's nice, and very competent in its mechanics.

And in another situation I would love to put her "Commendable." But today, in the background, for example, Frozen Synapse 2, it looks somehow simple, routine, without lights and horror that you'd expect to see in a game where you act against the Nazis-sects with the support of the monsters from the Cthulhu Mythos.

Pros: not the easiest system flow of fighters and the ability to upgrade weapons; there are interesting features like a system of moral influence, nice overall picture.

Disadvantages: the plot is boring, and his flow primitive; the game most of the missions are too simple, repetitive, and linear; not enough weapons; there is no roster of heroes, the music and the replicas on each level again and start to annoy.

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