10 tips for begginers My Lands

10 tips for begginers My Lands

Often most of gamers, following the so-called «helpful» advices, make lots of elementary mistakes. The motivation of the gamer is very simple: «There were nowhere written that to do like that is forbidden». In the present guide I have decided not only to reveal the basic «secrets» of «My Lands» online-game (Registration!) but also to give a list of 10 most simple tips which one shouldn’t do in any case.

  • 1. Do not ever build cities at the neighboring cells – you will only lost Villages (each Village in «My Lands» game is common for the 4 nodal cells in the same time!) Is not advisable to build cities in the neighboring kingdoms – you will lose the advantage for and while searching for the Ruins (researchers will cover a smaller area). Build your cities in two kingdoms from the capital in the third one. Try to build cities around the capital, so that then it will be easier for you to carry out combat missions from a secure central city.
  • 2. Do not build your cities on foreign terrains, especially if it is an opposite faction terrain. Thus, Knights (light fraction) may not construct and built cities in Dead Lands and Damned Forests (dark fraction), as it is not desirable to build cities in Magic Forests (light fraction). After building a city on the opposite faction terrain, you’re practically inviting gamers of that faction «into guests». In «My Lands» game they will have a bonus of 25% in protection while you would have none.
  • 3. If you are a Light Elf, do not keen on building cities in the Forest: a tree on a market isn’t an active stuff on sale and for your own needs wood from Ruins will be more than just enough. If you’re a Dark Elf, you shouldn’t build cities in the Forest at any case and by any reason! Same as it would be enough to build only 1 city in the Desert for just getting a bonus to Iron you have. For all races, except Knights, there is no sense to build Golden cities in the Desert: you will get more bonuses from collecting gold from free people than from getting income from Trade shops. You’ve better build Scientific and Golden cities on the home-terrain. But Stone cities will be a nice stuff and right decision for Demons. Try to find cells for the city of the maximum 5th level. If you’re planning to build a city for the extraction of resources (Cereals, Stone or Iron), you can build cities of the 4th level. More important here is to have as many resources as it is only possible (f.e. 6-8 of Cereals, 3-4 of Iron and 8-12 of Stone in Villages). If only there were more resources (6-8 Cereals, 3-4 and 8-12 Iron Stone in the villages). Build resource cities only on the bonus terrain.
  • 4. Do not ever take extra bonus forces. Before taking the force, be sure to learn the proper «military» science up to the maximum 3rd level.
  • 5. Do not ever separate your military and do not leave small garrisons in cities. This is nothing more than a simple invitation to gamers of the opposing faction to get fractional rating with your help.
  • 6. Do not leave their cities without protection. The protection must be comprehensive: not less than 2 antispyware Guilds, fortifications usual and magical Towers and, of course, mirror in every city! All these buildings require constant and timely pumping and flow! Consider like this: on Esquire it will be enough to have buildings of the 1st level (you may not build mirrors on Esquire and on Captain at the present moment), on the Captain you’ve better construct buildings of the 2nd level, and so on. By the time you become a Suzerain, both Towers in the capital must be pumped and flow up to the 5th level. By the way, it is incredible, but true: Mercenaries are looking pretty nice in the protection, especially in the combination with magical Tower. 100 of Mercenaries will easily destroy in 5-7 times more of enemy’s soldiers of fortune, but brand-named Mercenaries of Demon race will do that even better and in the greater amount! Keep them in Asylum and get them a minute before the attack in the exact amount of formula. Do not leave Mercenaries in the garrison unattended in any case.
  • 7. Do not play alone. Share Ruins with other gamers, make alliances with active players of your level, enter into strong clan or academy of such strong clan. «My Lands» game – is a social game first of all! Do not engage in Nub clans: you will get no sense from them from both in terms of quests compliance and in terms of experience sharing. By entering into alliances «make friends» with gamers of your faction (players of dark faction — with dark ones, and players of bright faction — with light ones). By this, you will be able to help each other with quests compliance.
  • 8. Never go into battle without having considered the worst case scenario on the calculator. Never lose your troops – this is the most valuable thing you have in the game. Collect and save up your main army, if you want to make someone neutral or through someone out the game – for this case try to use Mercenaries.
  • 9. Do not waste your Mercenaries in vain. Remember that every Mercenary cost 105 of gold coins (not counting the expense of the population). 1000 of Mercenaries is already 100 000 of gold coins! Before sending Mercenaries into attack count whether it will be profitable. «My Lands» game — is a military, economic and sometimes political strategy! Often it is advantageous to run away to Ruins of the 5th level than to try to conquer it alone killing several thousand of your own Mercenaries.
  • 10. After becoming a Suzerain do not leave the army without supervision because otherwise it can be destroyed! Hide your army into the Asylum or close the city Gates (nothing with happen to Villages — in «My Lands» game Settlements and Villages starting to break down only at the 4th day). Remember that trips to Ruins can be very dangerous: other gamers can discover your mission by Clairvoyant usage, by scanning Ruins themselves or calculate the time of your return back to the city and send some mercenaries to you as a «small gift». To minimize the possible losses, send your missions from well-protected city with well pumped and flow Resurrector. Plus, always keep some additional BP for a case when you will need to close city Gates or buy extra protection very quickly. Some very cagy players calculate the time in such a way that by the time of the army returning back the City Gates are already closed (or will be closed). In «My Lands» game the coming back military are «seeping» into the city while the enemy’s forces can’t already make any attack onto the city with the gates 

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